Workshops at BABtér

The Primanima team runs exciting professional workshops and courses at BABtér throughout the year, but we're not resting on our hands to pack all the tools in our van and take our Caravan on the road, across the country or beyond.

The technical, artistic and pedagogical expertise of our permanent workshop venue, BABtér, and our team community, creates a real visual base for creative visitors, whether they are kids, students or professionals. In addition to developing practical skills in children and adolescents, we focus on nurturing visual understanding, which receives very little attention in traditional forms of education. Children are given few tools to make sense of the visual dumping around them. As art educators, one of our tasks is to make the next generation media savvy and more sensitive to interpreting visual content. In our workshops, you will be introduced to techniques and practices that encourage experimentation, reflection and dialogue between materials, forms, textures and media.