Animation & pedagogy

From the very beginning, the Primanima Festival team has paid attention to approaching animation not only from its own point of view, but also in an interdisciplinary and pedagogical way. Over the years, this has led to projects using animation as a creative educational tool and focusing on the nurturing of the understanding of visual culture and media, as well as animation-related programmes that seek to address children and teenagers through the visual world of animation.

Since 2017, we have been running permanent sessions in BABtér (Budaörs Animation Basement and Creative Space), where we also run workshops, funzones and charity sessions as a community service to promote cultural education in the town and the agglomeration. Beyond the doors of BABtér, our programmes also find a second home in other film festivals, schools, institutions and cinemas in the countryside, in Budapest or even in Europe.  Just to imagine: we pack everything to our van, several computers, lamps, cameras, special tools, trick tables, zoetropes, puppets, hundreds of colourful pens, various different materials plus some enthusiastic trainers,  and we are on the road.

In our various projects we involve not only animation professionals, but also teachers, psychologists, art therapists, drama teachers, media, film and visual art professionals, who have different approaches to the creative practice of animation or to animated films from the audience's perspective. Our work with them confirms that this art form is particularly worthy of being put in the hands of children and teenagers and introduced to them.

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