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Graphic design workshop


In our studio we specialise in drawing and painting techniques and reproduced graphics, such as risography, linocuts, woodcuts, silkscreens and the production of illustrations, calligraphy, posters, zines, comics and courses in these techniques. Our ambition is to make the graphic arts (based on traditional and new techniques) widely known to a visually sensitive and knowledgeable audience.

So, at Primanima Print House, we not only fulfill print orders, we also offer graphic design courses and workshops for all ages. We particularly recommend a visit to the studio as an art university preparation for those aged 16+ who plan to continue their studies by going to art university. But we also offer arts and crafts sessions for adults who, at some phase in their life, have discovered that it's time to get creative, to do the creative work they've been longing to do!The graphic techniques used in the studio include: risography, linocut, woodcut, silkscreen, collography, monotype, other drawing and painting techniques. We also teach these techniques in our workshops and our webshop offers prints made in our studio, as well as various art tools and materials we use.

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