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About the programme

Primanima Jumpstart is a talent development initiative that offers a "two-in-one" opportunity to participate in a practical workshop and a script development programme that started before the 10th Primanima World Festival of First Animation and continued throughout the year in the form of online and in-person consultations. The unique opportunity for 12 selected talents to take part in the experimental workshop is followed by a practical session in which they are working on the script of their film project with the help of a dramaturg. 

The first part of the programme is a four-day, practice-oriented workshop held right before Primanima by Austrian artist Thomas Renoldner, Iranian artists Marzieh Emadi and Sina Saadat. Here the participants created a collaborative animation project, which was presented at the festival in the Major in Budaörs. The participants were also invited to the festival itself, where they had the opportunity to participate in screenings, forums, master classes and the festival's vibrant life. During the second half of the festival week, they could also consult a Hungarian animation filmmaker and dramaturg Árpád Hermán for their own animation film projects and present their individual works in group sessions. The young talents have the opportunity to build strong relationships with each other through the experience and will have 11 more monthly consultations to develop their scripts. Primanima's Jumpstart talent development programme is particularly unique in that participants receive long-term support after the practical workshop event.

Our partners are also actively involved in the implementation of Jumpstart, which was launched at the 10th Primanima. We collaborate with prominent film and animation professional platforms in the Visegrad region. We have received great help from MOMAKIN in Poland, whose team enabled our participants to be invited to the 2022 ANIMARKT Stop Motion Forum, the CEE Animation Forum, who provided practical guidance on how to apply to the Forum, and StoryLab in Slovakia, who delegated one of our participants.

Creators mentored in this programme have wider access to other animation industry events in the region, as well as the chance to join existing and well-established regional networks.


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Botond István
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Bodó Szabó
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Tutor of the script development programme

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Sina Saadat
and Marzieh Emadi
Tutors of the experimental workshop

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Leader of the experimental workshop

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Trip to Unexpected Spaces

Experimental animation workshop with Thomas Renoldner, Marzieh Emadi and Sina Saadat at Primanima

Experimental animation workshop led by Thomas Renoldner, Marzieh Emadi and Sina Saadat at Primanima‍. Looking at the history of film, and in particular the history of animated films (and even pre-camera moving images), it is clear, that from the very beginning there have been two seemingly contradictory movements, which can be described in different terms - for example, narrative or non-narrative, representational or abstract, traditional or experimental. On the one hand, there are narrative films, which seek to capture the audience by telling a story, and on the other hand, there are films that seek to expand the possibilities of the medium. After a while, these two poles ceased to be clearly separated and began to interact, catalysing each other's development and sometimes even blending or combining elements that had previously been characteristic of the other.

In the Primanima Jumpstart workshop, the tutors focused on a more experimenting approach to filmmaking, encouraging participants to dare to take risks and follow the unexpected. The workshop began with a joint screening of some of the major works of avant-garde film and experimental animation, an overview of the basic trends and strategies that can be discerned in the works, and a reflection on the influence of other visual arts and the role of sound and music in cinema.

The participants eventually formed teams focusing on different concepts with the idea of starting an animation project. The tutors tried to make the young creators realise that animation should not be thought of primarily only as a kind of film, but as "visual art in motion", which can be thought of as an installation in an exhibition setting rather than a cinema screen or a flat screen. During the workshop, one group worked in the exhibition space, while the others made short films together or individually, which were also on view in the space. The experimental animation installation was hosted in the Major in Budaörs, during Primanima.